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What is Shatter

Shatter is a certain type of weed that is only containing cannabidiol. It doesn’t contain any THC. It won’t get you high. It’s used by people for conditions like pain relief.

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The reason people are loving the product is that it is offering them a way to chill out and relax. It is relieving them from their anxiety, without getting high. If you are choosing the right CBD shatter, it should contain 0% THC.

Furthermore, another great thing about this product is that you can blend it with your favorite herbs and essential oils to enhance the flavor.

Note: shatter for sale at CannaExtractsCo
 Benefits of CBD shatter
  • Delivers fast relief: Research has suggested that for certain medical conditions, CBD may be more effective than THC. Inhaling weed products through something like a vaporizer or an oil rig gives the fastest form of relief.
  • Great for daytime use: When you need relief but don’t want to feel sedated, CBD shatter may provide an upbeat experience, perfect for the workday. It encourages a sense of focus which may be helpful for working through tasks, chores, and other stressful situations.
  • You get the perfect dose every time: You simply add a scoop of the shatter to an oil rig, joint or a vape pen. How much you want to use is entirely up to you.

Research shows that CBD is a potent antidepressant and anxiolytic. Inhaling these products through things like a vaporizer or an oil rig is giving the fastest form of relief. When the cannabinoids are inhaled, they are absorbed through the lungs and taken into the bloodstream. They then have quick access to the brain. Thus, the anti-stress and calming properties of CBD can be delivered, many times within a matter of minutes. That’s what makes this innovative new wax so incredible.

The product is containing 97% pure hemp extract, which is making it one of the cleanest and purest forms of cannabis. Of all the shatter dabs, including waxes and oil, CBD shatter is thought to be the most effective for it’s calming and relaxing effects.

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