Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa.

Firstly, called hemp. However, it is a species of the Cannabinaceae. In addition, people are referring it as ganja

Secondly, Cannabis contains  THC. It is responsible for the effects of cannabis.

People are calling the flowers cannabis. Furthermore, the plant is secreting hash. In the same vein, industries are using the hemp
Above all, Cannabis Sativa produces a cerebral effect.

Increasing creativity by these strains. Sativas are often recommended for patients.
Sativa plants are having aromas ranging from sweet and fruity, to earthy. Sativa plants are typically taller with long thin leaves. The bud of a Sativa plant is typically less dense and somewhat feathery.

It impacts in emotion. Sativa strains increase energy levels. They relief depression. People are recommending it for daytime use.

It provides relief. Sativa have thinner leaves. They have longer flowering cycles. Their strains are taller. Finally, Sativa seeds are used to make hemp seed oil. As a result, Hemp oil is good for cooking.

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