Lamb’s Bread


19.8%THC – 0.19%CBD
 Born, Raised and Loved: 
Indoor Hydroponic Farm – Veganic Premium cultivation – Organically Grown – No Pesticides or Fungicides
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This bright green and sticky strain is one of our latest Sativa menu addition. It gives mass amounts of energy.
Firstly, Lamb’s Bread cannabis strain is an almost pure Sativa with a 95/5 breakdown, and a THC average of 16-21%. Nugs are golden green with red hairs and notes of lime green peaking out.

Furthermore, the smells are spicy and putrid at times, with a spicy taste to match. Lamb’s Bread can treat glaucoma, migraines, inflammation, appetite loss, ADHD, and depression. This Jamaican strain is ideal for daytime usage.
With an upbeat, long-lasting high, Lamb’s Bread is an ideal wake-and-bake marijuana strain. Use it to exercise, run errands and enhance your creativity.

Buy Cheap Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Sativa Strain 2018
Lamb’s Bread found from Jamaica and has been around for decades. Said to be a favorite of legendary musician Bob Marley. This cannabis strain often clocks in at 19–25% THC.

The flowers of this cannabis strain are vibrant lime green and covered with a coating of trichomes. Cannabis consumers note that this strain has a pungent, cheesy and skunky aroma.


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Lamb’s Bread provides consumers with a clear-headed. Also provides an uplifting high that’s ideal for daytime activities. Aids in activities like exercising and running. Also, it also imparts deep mental stimulation that can enhance creativity. Furthermore, it helps you get over mental barriers.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy Lamb’s Bread for its euphoric, energizing effects. It can help with fatigue and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. It has a high level of THC.

Moreover Lamb’s Bread cannabis strain has cerebral effects. It stimulates the mind. A perfect all-day Sativa.

Lamb’s Bread is a superb Sativa of the skunk variety with a creative Sativa effect. Next this is an extremely uplifting and cerebral Sativa, sparking the creative mind. It is making any daily activity more enjoyable. At the same time this true tropical Sativa provides an amazing breath of fresh air.

Furthermore, just one look at our pictures will leave you entranced by the amount of care that went into the grow. Lambsbread is popular among patients suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, chronic headache/migraines, and other heat-related illnesses. Because of its ability to focus the mind, patients who suffer from ADHD can also benefit from Lamb’s Bread. In addition the stimulation provided can also increase appetite, digestion, and energy. As well the strain is also beneficial for those with fatigue.

Finally, this strain will bring a smile to your face that won’t go away.


1 ounce, 1/8 pound, ¼ pound, ½ pound, 1 pound

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