Mango Kush


21.45%THC – 0.11%CBD
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Indoor Hydroponic Farm – Veganic Premium cultivation – Organically Grown – No Pesticides or Fungicides
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In some serious need of a mood uplift? GDW Mango Kush is an evening flower known for inspiring big smiles and plenty of laughter. Sedative yet pleasantly talkative, the Mango Kush strain is an excellent post-working bud. Whipping out this stress-relieving flower after a long day, especially if you are planning to kick back and enjoy a new comedy or a big dinner.

Note: Buy Mango Kush Online at CannaExtractsCo

Mangos and marijuana go together. The fruit is known to be enhancing the high for many people, and some cannabis strains are bred to evoke the fruit. The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. It smells of the tropics, sweet mangos, and bananas.

This strain is a bit more upbeat than its Hindu Kush parent, but the Mango Kush experience is slow and calming overall. Like breathing in a lazy tropical vacation, it tends to provide a light and breezy mental experience along with some heavy eyelids.

Note: Buy Mango Kush Online at CannaExtractsCo

Mango Kush is popular among those with chronic pain and nausea, perhaps easing bodily stiffness and getting rid of aches and tension. It is also stimulating hunger, which is making it a good choice for cannabis patients who are struggling to get enough food.

Many medical cannabis patients are also enjoying this flower for relief from mental health ailments like anxiety and depression. Though, it is likely best to be sticking to lower doses and working up with Mango Kush. In high doses, Mango Kush may be triggering anxiety in some people. Of course, this sleepy flower is also popular among insomniacs.

This delicious strain is tasting like its namesake, mango, with subtle pine notes. This is a nicely rounded hybrid. It will be enhancing your mood. It would be making you feel social without getting too loopy. Finally, your high will be rounding out nicely, finishing on a soft indica cloud.



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