White Widow


“They call it White Widow because after 3 hits, you’re going to want to clean your house.”

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Firstly, the White Widow strain is an uplifting, hard-hitting and heady sativa. Also most folks are enjoying for its euphoric effects and potency. White Widow is one of the original high-potency strains.

Note: Buy White Widow Online at CannaExtractsCo

The buds are generally medium sized and conical. They are having light green leaves commingling with deeper sage hues and burnt orange pistils. Moreover the name ‘ white widow’ is because the buds are having a thick layer of white trichomes.

Flavour, aroma and appearance
White Widow has a pungent aroma that can linger in the nose and atmosphere. It offers up a combination of fruit, peppery spice, and a dose of funk for good measure. The flavour tends to be sweet, earthy and hash-like. While the smoke might start out smooth, its known to expand in the throat and often triggers coughing.

Medical benefits
The well-balanced effects that White Widow offers makes it versatile as a medicine. It is great for general stress and anxiety, depression, mood disorders. Also it is having high levels of THC. It is also good to relief pain, fibromyalgia and migraines. Many patients say it is helping to stimulate appetite and reduce nausea.


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